Benefits of Dance

Dance is much more than a beautiful art form; dancing provides vital skills for daily life, improving physical and mental well-being.

There are many physical, mental, and emotional health benefits of dancing whatever your age.

Many studies have shown that dance and moving your body to music boosts your physical and mental well-being, and with dance being a social activity it provides an essential connection to other people, something which can be hard to achieve in today’s busy world. 

Get your heart pumping! 

Regular dancing is great for maintaining strong bones, improving posture and muscle strength, and can improve the heart-health of older people. 

Improve your balance and strength

Dance is a great form of physical fitness for the young and old because it incorporates movements on all planes of motion and from all directions – keeping all muscles active and conditioned. 

Boost your cognitive performance

Research shows that dancing can improve the areas of the brain that control memory and skills, such as planning and organising.

Challenge your brain

Remembering steps, routines, moves and even to keep smiling, requires focus and this continually challenges your brain – giving you a metal workout as well as a physical one!

Dance is for everyone

Everyone can participate in some form of dance and movement to music. And dancing in a class, or with friends or family is great for your social and emotional well-being; reducing stress and boosting self-esteem. 


"Dance can be for everyone and has a positive impact on physical and psychological wellbeing."

Mark of Quality Teaching

Dancing is a great way for children (and adults) to develop self-confidence, increase fitness and physical health, improving posture and coordination, and get creative. Qualified teachers will take the time to get to know your child, their ability, interests and ambitions in order to help your child progress and develop their dancing. Look for the mark of quality teaching and look for an Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing teacher.

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