Street Dance


Hip hop is a culture, which includes music, dance and graffiti. It is a way of life. There are many hybrid styles that originate from these core elements. Due to the ever-evolving movement of Street Dance, there is controversy within the hip hop world about the true origins and names of certain steps, which differ from one generation to the next but the principles are the same.


History of Street Dance

As with all forms of modern popular dance, the evolvement and development of styles are largely influenced by current music trends and promos/videos. Street Dance has moved a long way since the birth of hip hop in the early 1980’s with many different styles now falling under the banner. The original funk and hip hop styles are now classified as “Old School” with the newer styles having a distinction in their own right.

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Exams and Qualifications

Street Dance

Our syllabus promotes an appreciation and enjoyment of Street Dance and has been developed for students to gain a thorough understanding of the various styles and rhythmic expressions of this popular dance form. We are proud that our medals are inclusive meaning those with disabilities or learning difficulties are able to participate and we offer a variety of levels so that beginners and more experienced pupils can take part.

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If you are a member of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing and are currently entering pupils for Theatre or Dancesport Examinations, you can also enter your pupils for Street Dance and Disco/Freestyle Examinations. Download our Discover Street Dance factsheet for more information. See below.


You can also consider taking the Street Dance Student Teacher or Associate examination to expand your knowledge of street dance and its rich history. Take a look at our Syllabus Outline for Teachers below.

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Syllabus Outline for Street Dance Teachers

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