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Date - Sat, 20 Mar 2021

Meet the Team

Presented by Maggie Morris and Sonia Rafferty of Safe in Dance International

Safe in Dance International (SiDI) was formed in 2013 by Maggie Morris and Sonia Rafferty. SiDI’s mission is to ensure that current research in dance science can be appliedfor the benefit of all dance practitioners to promote a safe and healthy dance experience and minimise the risk of injury. We work internationally across all genres and levels of participation. SiDI applies our ten ‘Core Principles’ of healthy dance practice to many different contexts, from teacher training to CPD courses and in educationalsettings. We offer endorsement of the knowledge, understanding and application of these principles through our Certificates which are achieved via independent study or through our international network of Registered Providers.

Sonia and Maggie have many years of experience in dance performance, dance education and training. Both started out as professional dancers, touring extensively and both have been artistic directors. They have taught in conservatoire and university settings, as artists in residence and for professional companies.  Their research, understanding and application of dance science principles to practice and their subsequent founding of Safe in Dance International came from their desire to see less injury in the dance professional.  As SiDI Co-Founders, they have expertise in delivering courses, CPD and providing advice on safe and healthy dance practice, as well as qualification development and quality assurance. They have presented on a range of topics at international conferences.